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alright, so i released my animation, 2birds1stone, a while ago, and i think i've finally come to a conclusion on where i went wrong with it.

the first, and most clear, conclusion would be that it needed more gore. i feel like that's what people expect from uncensored cartoons on the internet: insane amounts of violence, pornography, or insanely inappropriate cock jokes (sometimes all three). so i've decided that in the relatively near future, i should make a very graphic version of 2birds1stone that shows their gruesome deaths. maybe i'll include some more clever ways to kill them.

the second conclusion i came to was that i need to figure out how to get my timeline to work correctly when it's effected by actionscript. as some of you may have noticed, the music didn't repeat when the animation did. hopefully i'll have that figured out for next time.

the third thing, and this was more so a personal conclusion than something that people complained about, was backgrounds. i mean, people mentioned losing their attention because there wasn't much happening, but that was more so because of the timing than the lack of backgrounds. either way, all future animations should consist of fairly well drawn backgrounds.

and the fourth and final thing is voice acting. i feel like voice acting would be a lot of fun to do, especially getting my friends to do voices in animations. my next animation doesn't have much of a voice, more of a gasp really, but the one i plan to do after it should be entirely conversation. i look forward to recording the voices, but i'm sure animating the lip syncing will certainly suck. we'll see how it goes.

another thing that some people may not have realized, but the name "2birds1stone" was definitely a reference to 2girls1cup. hah, i thought it was funny.