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Plot Twister - Ep. 1: The Breakfast Club Plot Twister - Ep. 1: The Breakfast Club

Rated 4 / 5 stars

i like the idea for the podcast, but i don't know how much i can get behind the idea for breakfast club. i could turn this into a review of the breakfast club, and how i appreciate the film managing to primarily take place in one room, and blah blah blah. but that really wouldn't do you much good.

instead, i just want to express that i love the idea. i think it could use more fleshing out though. really paint the scene with your idea. this one didn't feel like you were really suggesting much different happened, you know? like, explaining the podcast really seemed to take up more time than the actual podcast.

but again, i love the idea and look forward to what you do with it the future. i'll be listening!

RealFaction responds:

Yeah, this one was more based on a conversation and sort of a preview of what it could be. Future episodes would be more constructed and to the point. I agree. Thanks! :) i'd love to do another one.

Rig - Old Machines Rig - Old Machines

Rated 5 / 5 stars

unshaven robot fornication.
it's all i can think to describe what i'm hearing. like, if the transformers made a dirty seventies porno. this was a great song, it just didn't let up. i'm gonna have to check out the rest of your work. if the rest is half as good as this, i'm excited.

Rig responds:

Yes, it's all half as good. ;P

Moments Ago Moments Ago

Rated 5 / 5 stars

painfully inspiring

when i listen to this song, and sad music in general, i feel inspired. in this song's case, it motivates me to prove that this song isn't the story of my life. i can relate to the song, anyone who feels they can't relate is probably an arrogant prick, but i still have time to prove i'm more than a geek, that the girl of my dreams is the one missing out, and maybe i'm just hard on myself when i say i'm a terrible guy.

I listened to this song, and for the first time since getting into college, i sat down and just wrote. i've always had a problem with staying focused and sitting still, but i've written a four page paper, just listening to this on repeat. and it's still on repeat, i'm just writing this review before i move on to my next paper.

and lastly, i realize you didn't make it, but it's an amazing beat. it fits the message perfectly, has kind of a sad feeling, but isn't completely depressing. beautiful song. 5/5 and favorited

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ExtraordinaryTerrest responds:

Thanks so much man, I'm really glad you were feeling it. That's all I can ask really! I was really going through a hard time when I wrote this, and just knowing that it could help anybody, even a little bit, makes it all worth it!

Thanks for having a listen man, and I hope I can catch your attention again some day!

[oove] Requiem [oove] Requiem

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this song. is fucking fantastic. you combined orchestra with dubstep perfectly. the intro was clean and beautiful. as you said below, it's been done before. but if it wasn't brilliant, it wouldn't be made often. and it was pure dub gold from there.

when the track started "skipping" the first time i heard this, my heart skipped a beat. i was legitimately worried about what just happened. then, when it started up again, a shiver went down my spine. when everyone says "this is the best thing on newgrounds" or "you're some kind of producing god", they aren't just stroking your ego. you're fucking brilliant, man.

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broove responds:

This is awesome, thank you for nice words, man. I need an ego boost sometimes.